Thoughts on Vine and Instagram Video


I took a poll at work to see if coworkers at Sundog use Instagram, Vine or both. Many responded that they just watch the videos instead of creating videos. Most employees here at Sundog are early adopters. Many people that answered the survey had accounts on both Instagram and Vine.

Both platforms are share videos, quick and easy, but there are some things to note that are different about them.

Length of Video – Vine videos are 6 seconds long where Instagram videos are 15 seconds long. Depending on style and content of the video, I prefer the shorter version when they are more creative quick updates and don’t have much time but prefer the longer version to watch when more time allows or it’s a video of something with personal meaning like my 1 year old niece.

Looping – Vine videos loop, where Instagram videos stop after they are played. Personally, I like the Instagram way around looping as I find myself getting dizzy watching some Vine videos that loop again and again.

Content in Channel – I find that I prefer to watch videos through Vine because I know all content will be video.  I found it a little hard to adapt to Instagram since photos and videos were mixed into the same feed.

Privacy – I prefer Instagram’s privacy settings vs. Vine more public platform. Vine is synced to my Twitter account so all my followers can view my Vine videos, where I have a private Instagram account. As video is pretty personal, I tend to want to keep these videos more controlled.

In the end, I prefer each channel for different reasons. I currently still watch videos on both but find it more difficult to create content for new clips. I find myself wanting to share more home videos than really creative ones. I think images and photos may come easier to me, which is why I like to distribute them more often.

According Alexa Rankings, Vine has a ranking of 28,017 and Instagram is at 51. This shows that Instagram is the dominant platform online. When I looked to compare the apps, I found Vine dropped from #3 iphone app to #16 iphone app on July 7th.

However, is Vine vs. Instagram for short videos really the question to ask?  Jay Baer makes a good point in his BaerFacts that the question should be more around, is this way of communication effectively as a company through these platforms? More in this video here.

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