Five Easy Steps to Optimize Emails for Mobile

It’s not the right timing. We don’t have the budget. We need to think about it… Whatever the case may be, if you want to reach mobile users, but you’re not ready for a complete email overhaul, here are five steps to help you optimize your emails.

1. Increase the font size. This is probably the most important point because without legible content, users can’t engage with your email. The beauty of the design at that point matters little. Litmus recommends a font-size no smaller than 13 pixels.

2. Place call to actions above the mobile fold. Putting your main call to action above the fold makes it immediately apparent what the email is about and what the user can do with it.

3. Use large, touch-friendly buttons. Large buttons on mobile have a twofold purpose. Most obvious, of course, is that they are easier to hit with a finger. Another, more subtle, advantage to large buttons on mobile is that they call attention to themselves for the action-based mobile world.

4. Use percentage widths for widths less than 600 pixels. Whether this is feasible or not will depend on your design, but by setting percentage widths to tables, table cells, and images, the email will scale for a variety of mobile screen sizes. Always test on several devices to ensure the design is not breaking.

5. Plan a strategic opening statement. The first text snippet of an email is usually displayed right below the subject line in unopened emails on mobile devices. This single line of verbiage will influence a recipient’s decision to open or delete it, so make it count. Don’t let “View as web page” steal the show.

Mobile users will appreciate your brand more for your efforts. They may not say “thank you” in words, but their appreciation comes through with increased click-throughs and purchases.

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