Shooting with the Canon C500

The new C500 with it’s super 35 image sensor, Fujinon 19-90 lens and the Ki Pro Quad recording all the 4K glory makes for an interesting shoot full of it’s share of fun, annoyances and struggles. We came away feeling a mix of both love and dislike for this camera.

The C500’s image is beautiful, no one is arguing that, but Canon still has some flaws that should have been worked out by now. Especially for a camera in this price range.

Canon C500 with Fujinon 19-90 Lens

We loved the native ISO of 850. It’s grain quality and native low light abilities make this camera stand out from the rest. It’s plethora of monitor out and 3gsdi ports make it very accessible. The C500 also breaks down well for those small footprint shoots. With its built in neutral density and 2K recording to compact flash cards it certainly can stand on it’s own feet.

The issues faced with the Canon C500 though are not to be overlooked. 2K recording captures an image with cropped bars on top and bottom. This is not a benefit and it is quite annoying for your post editor. The monitor outs do not down convert well, leaving a grainy fuzz to the monitor outs. We also found when recording to an external recorder the audio drifts over time. We couldn’t find a solution and neither could the production house. We think it is from the 3gsdi port as our backup to the C500’s internal CF cards didn’t drift the audio.

The last issue you need to be aware of, but that is an easy fix is this camera shoots with two green channels. The benefit of this is less moire and a cleaner grain. The problem with it of course is we found this sensor to shoot a little on the green side. This is an easy fix in post, but it should be recognized when planning your equipment.

We paired the C500 with the new Fujinon 19-90 Lens and the Ki Pro Quad for 4K recording. The Quad played easily with the C500 and the Lens has amazing color and sharpness. We will definitely be shooting again with the Fujinon lens and AJA Ki Pro Quad. As far as the C500, if they fix some of the software issues I think it can play big role in the coming years.


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