Appsify—Making native iOS Development Easy!


If you read this blog often you will have probably notice some frustrations with some difficulties that exist within the native iOS development realm.  Certain common things that should be easy to develop for are overly complicated and, in my opinion, could be simplified greatly.  That’s not to say there aren’t things that are easy to accomplish on the platform, just that there is room for improvement.

In an effort to aid in making iOS developers lives easy, Appsify has come to save the day.  With Appsify, you can use their simple and easy to use web interface to make and generate actual native objective c code to use for your iOS development.  Some of the benefits include menus, custom pages, theming, add-ons,  and navigation.

It is possible to generate an entire simple application using their web interface.  For more complicated situations, you will need to add your own code but the initial setup can save you a lot of boilerplate code.  One of the best parts about Appsify is the cost is a flat rate of $300 per application.  If you figure the amount of time it will save for your development team, this could be made up in no time.

I have only used the demo but am considering this a solid option for my next iOS application.  If you have any experience with Appsify or have a general comment or question, let me know.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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