The Mobile Digital Billboard Option


Mobile billboards are another option for out-of-home advertising. Your marketing message can be delivered directly to the consumer when static billboards aren’t available or feasible. While similar to transit advertising on buses, taxicabs and trains, a mobile digital billboard is substantially larger than the space offered on mass transit and the route can be determined by the advertiser to target a specific consumer.

Mobile digital billboards can be parked near an event like trade shows, concerts, sporting events, and business promotions. They can also be driven around the event in the case of the Slingbox ad by Peter Judd that targeted baseball fans at Turner Field in Atlanta.

Slingbox mobile billboard

Neoti offers a full video with their mobile video truck. The mobile billboards displays a fully animated video presentation to consumers as it travels a route specified by the advertiser.

Just like static digital billboards, the most effective messages are those that are simple and easy to read. Often the viewing angle for your audience will be in traffic (when in a car) or as a pedestrian on the sidewalk. The viewing time can vary from a few seconds (like a static billboard) to a full minute based on traffic congestion, stop lights, etc.

Sam's Club mobile billboard

Mobile digital billboards are currently only offered in major metropolitan areas, but as the price for LED displays continues to drop and more fuel-efficient vehicles are developed, expect to see them on a street near you.

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