When Women Share, You Should Take Action: A Tale of Happy Yogurt Eaters

Making general assumptions when marketing to women (or marketing to anyone) is usually not a good idea. But there are times when we make some basic statements about women that are generally true, even across different ages, ethnic groups, income levels and so on.

One of these statements is that women like to share. Meaning, if a woman has access to a place where she can share her opinion, she is more likely to take advantage of that platform than men. Also, she will appreciate knowing that her opinion is heard and taken into consideration, and all of this may affect where she shops and what she buys.

While I would be better off leaving yogurt eating out of a blog that talks about not making general assumptions about women (seriously, please stop suggesting that all women eat is yogurt), a yogurt company is doing some interesting marketing to women that is based around their desire to share and be heard. Statistically speaking, 64% of women versus 41% of men are yogurt consumers. While that doesn’t excuse the tired stereotype of women who giggle together while eating yogurt, it does signal that yogurt companies would be wise to concentrate on women and their preferences in their marketing and advertising. Consider what Yoplait has done in a recent commercial:


If there was ever a way to encourage women to engage with your brand, this would be it. By showcasing one specific Facebook post, and then proving that social engagement encouraged a change at the company, Yoplait was able to brand themselves in a human way, rather than appearing as yet another huge, faceless machine.

Taking the action Yoplait did in the first place, and then advertising it on many different platforms, is a great example for companies wishing to reach out and capture the attention and engagement of women. When anyone interacts with your company, you need to treat them like a human being, and respond like a human being. If your company does something because of what people ask and complain about on social media (and you probably should, especially if you see a trend happening on your pages), don’t hide it- show it off!

A final big lesson in all of this is the importance of understanding what your audience wants, and merging it with what your company does, how you advertise, what your values are, and how you sell to people. Yoplait heard from customers (specifically women) that they didn’t like high fructose corn syrup in their yogurt. Yoplait understood that their audience was mostly female, and that it was important for these women to both share their thoughts and know those thoughts were being heard. They took action based on their customers’ complaints, and showed off how one woman’s comment became a big deal for their brand, and made a difference.

A situation like this is replicable in many ways, for many different industries in many different situations. When you are focusing on women, don’t forget how important it is that their voices are heard. When women know you are listening, they will talk. And when you make changes based on what they are saying, that talk will be positive, engaged, and can bring in the sales you want.


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