Award-Winning Digital Signage

It’s awards season, so why not celebrate some truly creative digital signage executions from 2013? Recently, Digital Signage Expo, the international conference and trade show dedicated exclusively to digital signage, interactive technology and digital out-of-home networks, announced its Apex and Content Awards for 2014. Below are some of the more innovative winners:

In the Arts, Entertainment and Recreation Division, a Gold Award was presented to Crayola Experience created by GestureTek Systems, Inc.

“GestureTek created ‘Art Alive!’ a permanent installation for the new Crayola Experience, a hands-on family attraction, in Easton Pennsylvania. Crayola Experience’s objective was to promote, encourage and inspire creative self-expression in kids of all ages through their 21 hands-on attractions. One way to encourage this creativity was through ‘Art Alive!, a digital creative experience that utilized an existing Crayola app called Crayola DigiTools which allows children to create with the latest technology. By marrying Crayola DigiTools with GestureTek capabilities, it allowed digital creations to come alive in a larger than life way that was unprecedented.”

MaxMedia was presented a Gold in Retail, for content created for the AT&T Michigan Avenue Flagship Store Lifestyle Walls.

“The Michigan Avenue Flagship Store experience is more theme park than a product and service store. Our purpose is to enhance the architecture and in-store experience to provide a reflection of AT&T’s mantra of ‘It’s what you do with what we do’. AT&T provides an enhanced life experience through mobility and our intent is to reflect how our customers live in the modern world with the freedom to stay connected from anywhere, any place.”

Kbs + Spies & Assassins was presented the Apex Award of the Year and the Content Award of the Year for their BMW i: A Window Into the Near Future.

“The BMW i Window Into The Near Future digitally transforms passing cars into the all-electric BMW i3 and plug-in hybrid BMW i8 Concept vehicles — and showcases our vision for the future of mobility. The window also calculates how much money would be saved and how many tons of CO2 emissions we can reduce annually if each transformed car were all-electric. BMW i vehicles will be on the road in late 2013.”

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