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The “Marketing Cloud” is taking the industry by storm and other companies are beginning to figure it out.  As Gartner predicted, CMOs would outspend CIOs on IT by the year 2017 and companies are on track to provide a solution these leaders want.

Social media is one area where these CMOs will be spending their budgets. Email, mobile and marketing automation are additional areas of focus and that’s just the start. Each of the areas have specific tools to enable workflow and support marketing initiatives. In the Marketing Cloud, multiple toolsets are brought together in one platform. We have seen in the social media space, larger companies are acquiring social tools left and right. Many large companies who acquire these niche tools are trying to build or create the next Marketing Cloud. Ultimately, with all these tools in one platform, The Marketing Cloud will enable integration across multiple brand touch points for a consistent experience. It will also create a loyal customer who will purchase their multiple marketing tools under one platform umbrella.

In a Marketing Cloud, there are multiple toolsets in a one platform. This provides a consistent experience, integration across your brand, workflow improvement and increased efficiency.  It will take the guesswork out of the customer’s hands on researching what tool they should purchase next to automate their marketing channels. Additionally, this platform will allow marketers to tailor campaigns to specific customers based on their journey with the marketer’s brand. Measurement is also a big task for CMOs, which is why Marketing Cloud’s ties analytics into each platform.

However, multiple tools have different capabilities. If you like the email tool from Oracle, but like the social toolset from ETMC, it could cause some gray area of using multiple platforms. Prices may start to increase and integration may be limited.

We are at the tipping point right now where these tools have been acquired, but they are still in the beginning stages and are working together to integrate multiple tools as one. The latest video released of the Salesforce Exact Target Marketing Cloud demonstrates this.

Overtime, we will see these evolve and more CMOs will allocate their budgets to purchase these tools. Below is a current list of the Marketing Cloud platforms:
Salesforce Exact Target Marketing Cloud 
Adobe Marketing Cloud
IBM Marketing Cloud
Oracle Marketing Cloud
HP – The Autonomy Marketing Cloud

For a summary on these tools and who might be in the lead, check out this review.

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